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How Do I Repair a Corrupted DOCX File? 6 Fixes Avaialble

Passvers iOS System Recovery is a top-rated iOS repair tool on the market to fix over 50 types of system problems, let alone iPhone black screen of death. Thanks to its leading iOS recovery technology, you’re able to fix iPhone not turning on with a black screen while keeping all the data safe and sound. Better yet, it requires no prior expertise to guide you through a smooth repair process.

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After restarting the computer, connect the iOS devices and open iTunes to see whether the restoring firmware files is possible. Please go to on your Mac or PC to download and install iMazing. You should only choose to install an image file if you are sure you have the latest version’s file on your computer. After connecting your device, wait for your device to appear in iMazing’s Reinstall iOS screen and click “Reinstall iOS”. Besides the above possible ways, there is another simplest and most efficient method. That is using professional iOS system recovery tools such as TunesKit iOS System Recovery, an application to get rid of the iPhone firmware not compatible problem for good.

  • We have shortlisted the five most effective solutions to fix iPhone won’t restore issue right here.
  • Your Mac or PC will automatically download an IPSW file from the Apple servers when you update or restore an Apple mobile device using iTunes or the Finder app.
  • It’s in the column to the left of the Device Details pane.

There is a possibility that you have accidentally changed the display settings. Most probably, you have reduced the brightness level of your Mac to the minimum level. To adjust the brightness of your Mac, follow the steps below. To identify the exact culprit, attach the devices one by one and check if the issue reappears. Finally, remove the device causing the problem and use your PC normally.

  • Check chapter 10.3 of this manual for Troubleshooting firmware updates.
  • After that, you can recover the needed files and data.
  • On this page, we discussed the symptoms of a corrupted Word .docx file and talked about what to do when the file becomes inaccessible, unopenable, or even unreadable.
  • A failure of any component can result in a catastrophic hard disk crash and data corruption.
  • Your iTunes encounters bugs, cannot function normally, or you cannot install iTunes to your computer.

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